Bonjour and Au Revoir

After the spectacle of Alpine scenery on the Milan to Zurich train, the journey from Zurich to Paris seemed more underwhelming. The train itself was very nice. Modern, comfortable, bright yet stylish, and doors that opened with a satisfying sci-fi style ‘whoosh’ sound.

What the journey lacked was the view. It was nice to see rolling greenery,  with mountains silhouetted in the background but I prefer a closer look at snow-topped peaks.

We arrived in Paris around lunchtime. Hunger, tiredness and a sweltering heat accompanied the walk to our hotel, leaving us both desperate for showers and refreshment. The hotel was styled in kitsch Parisian chic (the staircase being the highlight) but we didn’t hang around longer than necessary as time in Paris was limited and there was a certain tower to investigate.

The Eiffel Tower

It took far longer than it should to reach the tower. We meandered through Paris, rather than taking a direct route. Stopping for wine, food when we felt like. Meandering probably cost us some enthusiasm and reaching the Eiffel Tower was met more with a sense of relief than excitement.

Relaxing in the Parc du Champ-de-Mars as the sun sank towards the horizon gave the final hours of our final day a relaxing air. Clare decided she’d finally found a city she’d be prepared to live in. The mixture of romance, fine wine, french cuisine and shopping making Paris unsurpassable in her estimation.


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