Florence and the well-oiled machine

So far the trip has been a well-oiled machine (with only one real hiccup over the train the Pisa). However today things took a more relaxed approach.

Being so close, we decided to take a day trip to Florence. This was a last minute addition to the trip so lacked our usual careful planning and itinerary preparation.

Our only focus was on the Dome. One of Italy’s ‘big three’ (so they say) and now we’ve seen all of them on the same trip. That’s some going.

It’s a nice dome attached to a grand cathedral, however after a week of seeing grand sites I am perhaps a little conditioned to amazing things. If so then it’s my loss.

Basilica Di Santa Maria del Fiore.

The rest of our time in Florence was spent pottering around with a quick stop in one old square (for an expensive cup of tea) followed by a leisurely break in another square (sharing a 1/2 bottle of wine that was cheaper than the tea in the previous locale).

We dined in Florence and here encountered a first. Despite Clare ordering the wine for us both in every restaurant so far, this was the only place to offer the first glass to her for tasting.

Florence restaurant

Add this to the rows of wine bottles adorning the walls, the tasty food and welcoming host, and we probably have a winner for the best restaurant we dined at during the whole Italy adventure.


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