A New Year in Portugal

Getting away over Christmas is something I’ve always fancied. As much as I enjoy the presents, the time with family and friends, and the general over-indulgance, just once I’d like to be somewhere else on 25 December. This year, we didn’t make it abroad for the whole festive period, but we did book a short break in Portugal for New Year’s Eve.

Our intention was to take in the Algarve winter sun and have a relaxing time. Unfortunately Clare got caught in a cold bug on the first day, and spent most of the holiday trying to fight off the infection. This meant more time in the room and less wandering around the local area than we originally planned.

Thankfully, we still managed to enjoy some of the bright sunshine, even if most of it was enjoyed from within the comforts of the hotel. As for impressions of the Algarve? Well, I’m afraid we didn’t explore enough of it for me to give more than a general overview. The scenery is gorgeous and the people are friendly.

If you’d like to see the full photo gallery, it’s available on Flickr.


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