Big trains

As we approach the end of the adventure there’s lots of train travelling to get back to the UK.

It began with the journey from Pisa to Genova. An early start meant a long day ahead and a 20 minute train delay didn’t help matters.

On the plus side the journey to Genova is rather nice. You get up close with the mountains and the brightly coloured Italian houses (full of yellow, pink and orange) contrast beautifully against the lush green mountain-sides.

Then the train moves towards the coast. Bringing with it fishing villages, rock pools and one of my favourite sights. The mountains meeting the sea.

Genova to Milan was a different affair. The train had old-style compartment carriages with 6 people to each compartment. I’d like to say it reminded me of old movies and sepia memories. Sadly it was just an old dirty train.

Like so much of Italy, Milan station is build to impress with its architecture, designer shops and even waiter service in the cafe. Warrington Bank Quay has much to learn.

For sheer spectacle it’s impossible to beat the journey between Milan and Zurich. By this time we were both seriously flagging but when travel brings with it scenery like this, it’s impossible to complain.

The Alps

After spending so much time being amazed at the grandness of human achievement and art, it was good to be reminded of nature’s own ability to induce awe.

Our stay in Zurich was just one night. The cost of living there is high so I’m glad we didn’t stay longer.

Tomorrow is the last day of our travels. With Paris and the Eiffel Tower providing the finale to an amazing trip.


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