As she walked across the field the blades of grass stroked the angel’s feet, their tips brushing gently against her soles. The angel smiled to herself as the sensation rose through her feet, up her legs, and into her body.

Once in the centre of the field she stopped and delicately lay down; stretching her arms and fingers out as far as she could. Once they were fully extended the angel placed her hands palm first on to the earth.

Immediately, her spirit connected to the land and her fingers slipped into the soil. Deeply they burrowed, like the roots a tree, until she became the earth itself. She could feel every creature that been made by the land. From the smallest worm that tunnelled to the largest dinosaur long since extinct.

All were made of soil and all became part of the angel.

Still deeper she burrowed. Through soil and rock and metal until the earth turned to liquid. Here now was the fire at the very heart of everything. Just as the earth had made all living things here was the heat that had made all things alive. The fire flowed into the veins of the angel giving fresh energy to her tired form.

The angel rode the lava that flowed around her. Allowed it to control her movements through the fire. At first it led her at random, violently changing directions. The angel and the lava rose quickly back through the earth and as she journeyed small pockets of water trapped deep in the ground touched her skin. These small droplets grew into trickles, then into streams, and then into bigger and bigger rivers until the angel became the ocean.

Water quenched the fire inside, giving the angel dominance over its power. She used the control to spread herself over the ocean. Thinning until she was no more than the slightest ripple on the surface.

Slowly she changed again. Using the energy of the sun the angel became a mist hovering above the water and then, as a breeze took control, she evaporated into the air.

As part of the heavens the angel swirled in the warm winds and rose upwards. Past the birds and the clouds and almost to the stars. Here though she could go no further so she reluctantly allowed herself to flow back to the ground. Travelling as a gentle breeze she passed through the trees and returned to herself lying in the middle of a field.

Where she opened her eyes, stood, and walked away.


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