9000 Lines of nothing

I’ve now written over 9,000 tweets, a landmark pointed out to me by @drowen44. I don’t tend to keep an eye on my tweet count, but once I became aware of my tweeting milestone I started to reflect on my Twitter life and  thought, ‘Hmmm, there’s an unoriginal idea for a blog post.’

I joined Twitter on the 2 April, 2008. I don’t remember this but luckily there are websites out there which will tell you this kind of thing. For the first year or so I didn’t get Twitter and tweeted only occasionally. Then, in December 2009 I thought I’d give it another go, and this time I got it.

In part the ‘credit’ for my increasing Twitter usage is down to a couple of tweeters whom I formed a social bond with. I’d post a tweet, they’d reply, I’d reply to that. Before you knew it I was having a conversation with a complete stranger.

Probably the person I engaged with most at this stage, and who helped me see the crazy, fun side of Twitter is someone who, sadly, is no longer active on Twitter. If anyone out there knows what @sundaeg1rl is up to these days, pass on my love.

If I know anything about Twitter, it is that you can’t pigeon-hole it as being about any one thing. It’s a conversation, a place to express yourself, a way to share things you enjoy with others, somewhere to find support when you feel alone or low, a collection of random, unique individuals you wish you could invite round for a big party and have the night of your life.

Twitter has helped me find new friends (even though I may never meet them in the off-line world), has altered my relationship with some off-line friends (always for the better), and has reaffirmed my belief that most people are basically decent underneath it all. It is, in the end, a hugely positive force where people can seek out like-minded souls.

To end, if you want to know what my 9,000 tweet was, here it is:

This is a good day to wash socks.


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