From Pisa to Zurich by train

Approaching the end of the adventure means more travel and less time to relax (although with our itinerary there hasn’t been a huge amount of relaxing anyway).

The first stage of the travel extravaganza was to get from Pisa to Zurich. This involved trains to Genoa and Milan, though all we saw of both places was the interior of the train station. Saying that, Milan train station is certainly an impressive building and has a unsurprising number of expensive fashionable shops.

Our plans called for an overnight stop in Zurich and this part of the journey I had been looking forward to for a long time. Put simply, the scenery as the train makes its way through the Alps to Switzerland is wonderful. Jagged, snow-top mountains peek at you from a distance and then come storming into view.

I can think of no better scenery on the entire journey than this train ride to Zurich.

Upon arriving in Zurich we had the, by now traditional, “Which way to the hotel?” quandary. We finally found our way (thanks to a friendly local) and were entertained by the quirky qualities of our choice.

We were less entertained by the cost of Zurich. It’s an incredibly expensive place so if you’re planning on a visit take your biggest wallet. On the plus side, despite not being part of the EU they happily took Euros everywhere we went.

Next up is the final day of the trip. Thankfully we’re finishing on a high note and going to see Paris.


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