What's Italian for graffiti?

Let’s start with a negative. Venice has a lot of graffiti. Not speaking Italian I don’t understand any of it but seeing so many potentially glorious sites ruined by paint-can scrawled writing isn’t nice whenever it happens. Given how amazing Venice is, I think the local government should invest some time and money in combating it. The positives of Venice far outweigh the aesthetic negatives though. It’s a city of grandeur and power from the ages. The graffiti may underline how that grandeur has faded over the centuries, but the city still has the power to install a sense of awe. Walking into the upper floor of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco is almost humbling. The scale of the ceiling art. The intricacy of the work. The sheer devotion of Tintoretto to his art. Next door in I Frari the past power of the church is readily apparent. When the Catholic church was in its glory and held sway over the lives of locals, the images and wealth expressed in I Frari would have scared even the most ardent atheist. Now the church stands as a metaphor for all of Venice. Still a visual delight but selling its history to tourists, rather than demanding their obedience to its clear superiority. On a tourist note, we did what every right-thinking tourist does in Venice and went on a gondola ride. It was ace.


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